The Blue Angels Buzzing Around Alcatraz Island

Why is October the best month in San Francisco. For one reason, the “City-By-The-Bay” gets a late summer, and October days are always stunning.

Also, it is when the Navy converges on San Francisco for Fleet Week, complete with the mesmerizing aerial show of the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels will be roaring over San Francisco in advance of the earsplitting Fleet Week air show this weekend that is sure to wow spectators and rattle some nerves.

See the Blue Angels fly over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Navy’s elite demonstration team will conduct survey flights intermittently over the waterfront on Friday. The team will practice Friday and perform Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.

Known to fly as close as 18 inches apart from wingtip to canopy, the six blue-and-gold F/A-18 Hornet jets will be the star performers for the 31st annual Fleet Week, which celebrates the military sea services.

The best place to watch the air show is from San Francisco’s Marina Green, Pier 39 or anywhere along the northern waterfront. High up on Pacific Heights and Russian Hill offer the most spectacular views. City officials said they expect at least a million people to show up for Fleet Week and other weekend activities.

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