Think you’re in Dubai, not this time. You’ve entered a land that only can be called “so Japanese.” Who else, outside of the United Arab Emirates, could create the world’s largest indoor beach, complete with surf and even a man-made volcano that erupts in fake flames. Why the Japanese, of course. Travel a mere 1200 miles south of Tokyo, on the island of Kyushu, and you’ll hit it. Yes in Miyazaki, Japan there lies an amazingly beautiful beach, where you can sunbathe, swim, and play in the sand, all indoors with a retractable dome roof.

Today’s Forecast – Looks Like A Beach Day

Opened in 1993 in Miyazaki, on the southern island of Kyushu, the Seagaia Ocean Dome features 300 meters of amazing, white sand beach. It’s even in the Guiness book of as biggest indoor waterpark. With real warm sand and waves. Rain or shine outdoors, it’s a day at the beach inside the Ocean Dome. 30 celsius , 85 degree Fahrenheit, can you for better beach weather? Even when the roof is closed, the sun is always shining providing a permanent blue sky with pillow like clouds which set the tone for year round days at the beach.

Let’s Go Surfin’ Now, Everybody’s Learning How

An Open Air Experience

Never paid to go to the beach? Come to the Ocean Dome and you’ll get the chance to lay down around $30.00 U.S. for something that you thought was always free,“a day at the beach.”
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