Think all islands in the world are the same or similar? Think again. Ever dreamed of a protected island, complete with its unique biosphere, where you bring your rented 4-wheel drive from the mainland and pitch your own tent? Welcome to amazing Fraser Island, where part of the experience is getting there. Located 200 north of the hustle and bustle of busy Brisbane, approximately a three-hour drive, and a short ferry ride and you reached what any beach wanderer would call Shangri-La.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. So you say you like long beaches? Fraser Island is 75 miles of blissful beach paradise, and easily accessible from the mainland. Fraser island is the only place on Earth where rainforest grows from sand. The island is filled with crystal clear inland lakes set among the sand dunes. The island has an abundance of animal species and a vast range of plant life indigenous only to Fraser Island. Although approximately 600,000 people visit Fraser Island annually, a beach this long guarantees that you’ll find your own private slice of heavenly nirvana. Talk about getting away from it all. Crowded beaches are not a problem on this remote island.

Lake Birrabeen – One of many inland, fresh water lakes
THINGS TO DO: Hervey Bay, the gateway to Fraser Island is now famous for Whale Watching. But you come to Fraser Island to explore its beaches and the inland rainforest. Hundreds of sand tracks off the beach link you to inland lakes and lush tropical jungle to explore and get off the beaten path. Swimming in a fresh water lake just minutes from a beach in quite a memorable experience.